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Testosterone packages from $169/month

introductory price of $139/month for a limited time only! 

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benefits of Testosterone replacement therapy 

  • Increase energy

  • Greater mental clarity

  • Increased motivation

  • Increased muscle mass

  • Enhanced sexual quality and libido

  • Enhanced sexual performance

  • Reduced body fat

Did you know......Men’s testosterone levels have dropped at least 30% in the last 20 years with more and more younger men suffering the effects of low testosterone.

Testosterone levels decrease 1-2% every single year starting around age 30.


30% of men over 30 years old have testosterone levels that should be optimized. 


If you suffer from weight gain, belly fat, depression or anxiety, enlarged breasts, lack of motivation, stamina, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, loss of morning erections, decreased muscle mass or strength, poor memory or insomnia then it’s time we talk about finding the solution you need.


Symptoms of sub-optimal testosterone levels

  • Fatigue

  • Low Motivation (most common)

  • Decreased Sex Drive/Libido

  • Decreased Sexual Performance

  • Decreased Quality of Erections

  • Decreased Mental Clarity

  • Depressed Mood

  • Weight Gain and Increased Body Fat

  • Failure to Increase Muscle Mass and Make Gains in the Gym

  • Slower Recovery From Work Outs

  • Decreased Strength

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Are you one of them?

1 in 4 men are expericing low T

Will trT improve my life?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can be the building block to becoming healthier and happier.  Every rebuild needs a solid foundation and that’s what TRT is designed to do.  With a solid foundation, you can begin to have more energy, feel less fatigued in the afternoon and after meals, build better endurance, increase your sex drive, and optimize your focus and concentration.  We are using science to turn back the clock and give you the tools needed to feel younger, stronger, and better than before. 

Choosing the right BHRT provider is essential – you need to work with a professional team who has seen it all before, knows what you’re going through, and has a solution that is customized to your body and your complete lifestyle.  

At Viva Medical, that’s exactly what we do. Our customized treatment plans include thorough testing to determine the root cause of your symptoms, an in-depth analysis of your complete hormones levels, and a complete action plan to bring your body back into balance through BHRT and lifestyle changes for total wellness.  


Call Viva Medical today to get started and get back to feeling your 100%.  

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blood test

  Fill out the simple contact form or schedule a free 10 min consult.  we will contact you to determine which therapy may be beneficial to you.   Our clinician will send a lab requisition to a local lab for you to get done at your convivence or you can choose to have an at home test sent to your home.



We will set up a Telehalth visit with our certified provider.  They will go over lab work in detail and customize a treatment plan for you!

treatment at your doorstep

Medications delivered to your doorstep with in a week of the appointment!

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Customized TRT packages starting at  $139/month FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY

All packages include medical management, medications, and supplies delivered to your doorstep.


Consider adding one of our adjunct therapies to any program.  These include Clomid, anastrozole, oxandrolone, HCG, peptides, weight loss solutions, ED treatment, or IV therapies.  You can learn if you are a good candidate or qualify for these during your consult. 

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